• I-Software

    is developed by Mr.Mehboob Charania, After 12 years of reasearch of insurance industry we launch a complete IT Solution for LIC. Enrich your business with the expertise & achive MDRT, COT, TOT Corporate Club with exclusive combination which are available with these i-software.

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  • TabGURU

    Presenting India's
    1st COMPLETE Software
    (Servicing + Presentation)
    Get the latest technology from InsureGuru. No need of Laptops, now service your customer and give presentation on the latest android tablet.

  • Monthly INFORMATION KA DOSE guaranteed

    Monthly Magzine available in Hindi / English Covering all the information happening in Insurance Industry. This magzine also covers all the imp changes in LIC.

  • MobiGuru Gold

    Presenting India's
    1st COMPLETE Mobile Software
    Premium Calculator (Editable Bonus), Plan Feature, Advanced Premium, Maturity Settlement, Backdating

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